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About Us

Helping Mothers Nurture Healthy Babies

EveryOne Reach One was established in 2017 with the goal of reducing the infant mortality rate in Montgomery County.

Infant Mortality is the key long-term indicator for birth outcomes as well as for overall community health and well-being.

EveryOne Reach One is poised to address this important yet complex issue. It will address these issues by developing plans of action to address:

  • Preterm and low birth weight babies – the leading cause of infant deaths in our community.
  • Prevention – helping mothers have access to resources that provide adequate birth spacing.
  • Education and Community Engagement – providing support within the community to elevate awareness about this pertinent issue.
  • Racial Disparity – develop strategies to reduce the gap of birth outcomes between African-American and White-American babies.
  • Social Determinants of Health – address the hidden issues that often get in the way of patients seeking and continuing care.
  • Reduce Substance Misuse – address ways drugs and alcohol impact the health of the infant.
  • Access to Care – address ways to assist pregnant women to access care early and often.
  • Fatherhood Coalition – address ways to include fathers in the entire pregnancy, birthing, and infant experience.
To view the 2020 EveryOne Reach One Annual Report, click on the button below.
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Lead Agencies

Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County

Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County works to safeguard the health of Montgomery County. We reach out to all people, regardless of race, age, or income level, and work toward helping those in need.

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Montgomery County

Montgomery County is a nationally recognized leader in all of the services that we provide. Montgomery County is a preferred employer, diverse in its workforce, accepting of differences, where individuals can reach their maximum potential.

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To learn more about the EveryOne Reach One task force organizational chart, please click on the button below.
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Our Team

We have brought together a network of healthcare professionals in the Dayton region to help every mother with their pregnancy.
Michelle Beebe
Kettering Health Network
Karen Bodney-Halaz
Temple Israel
Reva Cosby
Trotwood-Madison City Schools
Lisa Henderson
Dr. Brooke Ehlers
Coroner’s Office
Amy Piner
Montgomery County
Torey Hollingsworth
City of Dayton
Maleka James
Dayton Children’s Hospital
Terra Williams
Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County
To learn more about Infant Mortality in Montgomery County & Ohio, click on the button below.
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