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Church Ambassadors Committed to Safe Sleep

Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County’s EveryOne Reach One Safe Sleep Ambassador Training explains why babies are dying in our area, defines the ABCs of safe sleep and reviews other recommendations by pediatric experts. The training is presented by Angela Grayson, Community Health Advocate I for Public Health and Elaine Markland, BSN, RN, CPEN, Dayton Children’s Emergency Department Educator and Clinical Nurse.

The program has partnered with the Community of Hope to get safe sleep information out to our communities. The Community of Hope Project (CHP) is a program that utilizes churches to increase awareness and improve communication about infant mortality and other poor health outcomes.

Currently, the CHP has 16 Church Ambassadors that work with existing health ministries and help establish health ministries that include infant mortality reduction as a primary focus. The Ambassadors conduct trainings with church members and share information with family, friends and others.

Trainings consist of topics such as safe sleep, smoking cessation, clinic and community interventions to reduce prematurity, increase advocacy and address other infant mortality initiatives. Health Ambassadors provide preventive health messages through the cultural, socioeconomic and experiential realities of the families they are intended to reach.

In February, Angela and Elaine conducted a Virtual Safe Sleep Refresh Training with the Church Ambassadors. Elaine reviewed tips and examples of safe sleep conversations and Angela discussed the recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for a safe sleep environment.

Community of Hope Church Ambassador, Sharon Hunter, and Cribs for Kids Community Health Advocate, Angela Grayson

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