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We know you have questions.

There are many questions people ask us on a regular basis. EveryOne Reach One has compiled a list of them that are asked most often to share with you.

EveryOne Reach One seeks to reduce infant mortality in the Dayton region. We partner with the leading medical and non-profit organizations in the area to assist women in birthing and raising healthy babies. Our goal is to connect expecting women, and the people that support them, to these entities so they can receive the best care possible, regardless of race or income.

Our organization does not provide resources directly to mothers or families. We work with them to make sure they have access to resources in the Dayton region provided by other agencies. A shortlist of community agencies we partner with are Baby & Me – Tobacco Free, Catholic Social Services, Five Rivers Center for Women’s Health, Help Me Grow Brighter Futures, Lifestages Centers for Women, Holy Family Prenatal Care , and Moms & Babies First


More local and state resources can be found on our Resources page.

The best way to keep track of what stage you are in during your pregnancy is to sign up for our email or text alerts. Emails are sent out on a weekly basis, filled with helpful tips on healthy eating choices, what your body may be going through, and your baby’s development. It also includes information on how to prepare for your baby’s arrival and links to resources that will be helpful.

Our text messaging program sends alerts right to your phone, letting you know what week of your pregnancy you are in. You can click on the link to our website right from the text message to learn more about each week of pregnancy.

There will even be a journal available soon that you can carry with you, providing a guide to each week as well as a place to write notes about healthcare appointments and other important milestones in your pregnancy.

If you have a friend or family member that is pregnant, you can sign up for the alerts as well, to learn about each stage of pregnancy and supporting them on their journey.

Sign up here to start receiving these alerts!

There are many factors that lead to infant mortality. The leading factors during pregnancy, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), are birth defects, preterm birth, and maternal pregnancy complications. It is critical to visit your doctor throughout your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are staying healthy.

After the baby is born, sleep-related deaths are another factor that can lead to infant mortality. Sleeping with your baby can lead to suffocation, so you must learn and remember the ABC’s of safe sleeping:

A: Alone-not with other people, blankets, or pillows.

B: Back-place babies on their back to sleep every time.

C: Crib- your baby should always sleep in a safe, empty crib with a firm mattress.

The best way to help a woman that is expecting is to support her through her pregnancy. Make sure she has transportation to and from all her appointments. That includes everything from doctor visits to Centering groups to the grocery for healthy food. Put the appointments she has on her calendar on yours as well. 


Sign up for alerts to see what her body is going through and to get more information on how you can help, including knowing what signs of distress to look for and resources available if they are needed.

As a part of the Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County network, we do not accept donations. Our role is to connect pregnant women with the services they need to help them to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. 


If you wish to donate time or resources, please go to our Resources page and contact the organization where you want to make a donation.

The agencies around the area are always looking for extra sets of hands. You can contact any of the non-profit organizations in the area to see what help you can provide them and when. They would be happy to hear from you!

-Attend all prenatal visits with my healthcare professional

-Eat healthy foods full of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals during pregnancy

-Breastfeed my baby

-Follow the ABC’s of safe sleep

Are you or someone you know pregnant?

Do you live in Montgomery County? Could you use assistance accessing resources like help with utilities, rent, diapers, a crib, legal services, mental health resources, doula services, transportation to your prenatal appointments?

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