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Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Award Program

Thank you for your interest in the EveryOne Reach One Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Award Program. Our goal for this award program is to recognize employers who go above and beyond the legal requirement to support lactating individuals in our community.

Points are provided based on the level of support that an organization displays through their breastfeeding polices, resources, and facilities.

Employers are legally required to provide reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth each time such employee has need to express the milk. Employers are also required to provide a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.”

Call us for details on how to support your breastfeeding policy and lactation space accommodations.

Contact Jess Fecke  937-496-6846

The Process

  1. Employers complete an application.
  2. The application must be completed by someone in HR, an owner, or manager for the Employer.
  3. Policy/lactating space assistance will be available to businesses before, during, and after the award program to provide support to strengthen their breastfeeding policy/accommodations.
  4. Following the submission of an application, members of the Community Engagement and Breastfeeding Branches of the EveryOne Reach One Task Force will review polices and lactating space and provide feedback for employers to strengthen their breastfeeding support efforts.
  5. Employers can then resubmit their policy/lactating space for review by the EveryOne Reach One Task Force.
  6. Awards will be given based off points earned.
  7. Employers are broken down into small, medium, and large to ensure equity in the ability to compete with the space and resources the organization may possess.
  8. Incentives will be provided to show support to the employers who participate in this initiative.

Employers have the ability to earn:

  1. A window decal promoting they are breastfeeding friendly and have received an platinum, gold, or sliver level award.
  2. A pdf certificate with their platinum, gold, or silver level award.
  3. A Jpeg file that can be placed on their website stating they are a breastfeeding friendly business
  4. Recognition on the EveryOne Reach One website as an breastfeeding friendly work place.

In order to receive any recognition in this program, employers must comply with the legal requirements which are to have a space other than a bathroom for lactating individuals to express milk.

Point system:

Small business 1-49 employees

  • Platinum-7-29 points
  • Gold-3-6 points
  • Silver-2 points- legal requirement of space for lactating individuals.

Medium business - 50 to 249 employees

  • Platinum-9-29 points
  • Gold-4-8 points
  • Silver-3- points – legal requirement of space for lactating individuals.

Large business – 250 or more employees

  • Platinum-10-29 points
  • Gold-5-9 points
  • Silver-4 points – legal requirement of space for lactating individuals.

Once an application is submitted, please allow 2 weeks for follow up concerning your application.

For any additional questions on this process- Reach out to Jess Fecke at