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Welcome to Queens Village Dayton

Creating spaces for Black women to reduce maternal and infant mortality and improve maternal and infant vitality

In Ohio, Black women are two and a half times more likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than White women (Ohio Department of Health, 2020). Additionally, Black babies are dying at a rate nearly two times higher than White babies in Montgomery County (Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County 2019).

Queens Village Dayton – Our Mission and Vision

The EveryOne Reach One Maternal and Infant Vitality Task Force (E1R1) brought the national Queens Village Model to Dayton with the launch of “Queens Village Dayton” in its efforts to increase maternal and infant vitality in Montgomery County.

Queens Village is an initiative of Cradle Cincinnati, a collective impact organization that fights high rates of infant mortality that disproportionately affect Black women in Cincinnati and beyond. Queens Village center Black women’s voices on changing not just racial disparities in birth outcomes but also the conditions that drive inequity in maternal and infant health. The initiative provides a safe space for Black mothers to support and be supported by their peers, to connect, to relieve stress, to process trauma and to build a better world together for ourselves and our children.

While QV Dayton centers the voice of Black Women, we recognize the importance of allyship in the process and welcome the support of all communities and individuals to reduce the disparities in maternal and infant mortality rates and in turn increase maternal and infant vitality for Black women and babies in Montgomery County.

Our Work

Queens Village is centered on five pillars:

  1. Relax, Rest, Repower. Reduce Black women’s stress by creating space for them to rest, relax and re-power.
  2. Change the narrative. Create spaces and content for and by Black women that celebrate and amplify their voices.
  3. Invest in Leadership. Invest in Black women’s leadership, social capital, and power through community advisory boards.
  4. Create Opportunities. Create economic and professional pathways for Black women to succeed and flourish.
  5. Engage Communities. Engage with social, political, and medical communities to support equity initiatives and reduce implicit bias that affects Black Women.

Our Allies

While Queens Village focuses on the voices of Black women, we recognize the importance of allies to stand with Queens as we fight for equity for Black Women.  We invite our community of healthcare professionals, Black men, White and POC allies to fight for equity for Black women in Montgomery County.

Here are ways our Allies can get involved in the work of QV Dayton. 

Join a Community of Allies

Join a community of allies who are outspoken and unrelenting in their pursuit of justice and equity for Black women and babies.

Queens Village Dayton ask that as an ally, you use your voice in rooms and conversation in which Black women are not present to reduce and eliminate the adversity they experience.

This looks like:

  1. Elevating and amplifying the voices of Black women
  2. Providing support, availability and understanding
  3. Debunking stereotypes
  4. Listening
Black Men

Join us to experience community, networking and self-healing to uncover your true strength, love and power as a Black man. This is an imperfect journey of discovery to step up and raise your voice in solidarity to show our Black women that they are worthy and they matter.

Healthcare Professionals

Join a community of allies who are outspoken and unrelenting in their pursuit of justice and equity for Black women and babies in the medical space.


Community Advisory Board

Our Community Advisory Board, known as our CAB, is a collective of volunteers from various ages and backgrounds, who dedicate their time, passion and expertise to develop community programs and events with Queens Village Dayton.


Nan-c Moss Vann

Kortni Alston

Maliya Currington

Jericia Stevens

Lauryn Peters

Kara Thomas

Tamika Auster

Alana Demmons

Tae Winston

Navaeh Mccoy

Lea Kelty

Nicole Carter

Maleka James

Lakia Young

Clara Joseph

A. Sheri' Wise

Marquette Currington

Tanya Mason

Marie Vera

Naomi Admasu

Meco Fells

Get Involved

We encourage all Queens and Allies to support our work in amplifying the voices of Black women to promote maternal and infant vitality.

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