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Five Rivers Health Centers have multiple locations, offering Centering Pregnancy groups, as well as Routine OB care, Pregnancy evaluations,midwife services, pediatrics, etc.

Five Rivers 
Health Centers

At Lifestages, they offer a variety of care options for their patients to support them from pregnancy through delivery and post-natal care. They also offer CenteringPregnancy Programs, midwives, counseling, and more.

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Centers for Women

Moms & Babies First offers Certified Community Health Workers to conduct regularly scheduled home visits, educating parents on prenatal and postpartum care, along with information/education on toddler health and care through age one. They also offer a Fatherhood component.

Moms & Babies First: Ohio’s Black Infant Vitality Program

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Help Me Grow Brighter Futures

Medical services are provided in a team approach to provide each patient with the individual care she needs. We have physicians, a nurse practitioner, and certified midwives available for services.

Help Me Grow Brighter Futures is a community collaborative program of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA). Help Me Grow Brighter Futures provides early intervention service coordination, the Nurse-Family Partnership, and Parents as Teachers.

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Holy Family 
Prenatal Care

Elizabeth’s New 
Life Center

They operate six women's centers in Dayton and Southwest Ohio, and offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasound exams. They specialize in intervention in crisis pregnancies, and prenatal care for pregnant women.

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No Pregnancy 
Should Happen Alone

EveryOne Reach One is Dayton & Montgomery County’s Infant Mortality Task Force. We are here to help expecting mothers take control and achieve a successful pregnancy, and to help every baby reach the age of one. From the time you discover that you are pregnant until your child’s first birthday, EveryOne Reach One provides a wide support net and a comfortable environment allowing you to take an active role in the health of your child. Join us as we partner with schools, hospitals, community organizations, and neighborhood groups to make sure every baby reaches age one.

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Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time for a woman, and she will need support from the people in her life. Whether the new baby will be your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or simply a new person you will love, lending your support and time will mean so much to the expecting mother. 

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Discover more about Centering!

Become part of a community of support and encouragement. In Montgomery County, there are many opportunities to meet and learn from medical professionals and other mothers. This includes everything from home visits and pregnancy counseling, to Centering groups for pregnant women. If the expecting mother in your life has not signed up for a Centering group, encourage her to do so! You can even attend with her as her support person.

They will receive their prenatal care, along with learning more about pregnancy and building relationships with other women at the same stage of pregnancy that they are. They can also pick up some free baby items when they attend! 

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